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My latest on BroadwayWorld!!!

My latest on @BroadwayWorld!!

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention….

FYI, to add to my last post, this Tumblr is WAY more informal than what I post on BWW. Here is a link to my stories that have been posted on BWW.

Also, I can’t really see myself as an actor - and I’ve never acted - so all of my posts on here and BWW are from a theatre geek’s perspective. I feel like I would be a very bad actor, actually lol They do amazing stuff and require a great deal of training to be believable. PLUS I can’t sing well AT ALL. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I sing, just badly and usually when I am driving! LOL At the same time, my very first job was in a theatre - backstage stuff - so it’s not like I haven’t been around theatre for the majority of my life :-)

Anywhoooo, got to get to work here…. feel free to give me a shout at any time! :-)

The John W. Engeman Theatre Of Northport, Long Island

One thing about me is I write for a FANTASTIC theatre site called BroadwayWorld ( Fixing my theatre itch, I get to travel all over Long Island checking out (mostly) great shows at some great theatres. And boy do I have stories! LOL

One of my favorite theatres has become the GORGEOUS John W. Engeman Theatre of Northport on the north shore of Long Island.

The whole theatre is STUNNING. The large lobby has many tall bar tables and a huge bar running along the back wall. Getting to the bar during intermission is a pain sometimes, but everything works out. There are also large windows that look directly onto Main Street - I love people watching!.

In the beautiful theatre, there is really no bad spot and they do wonders on the medium/largeish stage. Dare I say it is a little bit of a Broadway experience. The best thing about the Engeman are the consistent high quality shows. You seriously won’t be disappointed when you see a show here- at least I haven’t and I’ve been with BWW for over two years now. AND some of my friends who have joined me for a show here had a great time and still rave about the place.

Fun Note… you may even see some Broadway actors in the shows. I’ve seen folks from Chicago, Rock Of Ages, the original cast of The Sunshine Boys, and Phantom Of The Opera among others. Also, during their dark week, they put together a cabaret style concert - strictly a one night engagement produced by and for the Engeman - and invite Broadway actors to perform and tell stories of their careers. They also have classes, children’s theatre, and other events. Their web site has more details and fantastic photos of the theatre.

So that’s the Engeman! I’ll close here for now…. Feel free to give me a shout any time! I look forward to writing more about my theatre adventures! Talk to you soon!

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

Well now that explains it! (Taken with Instagram)

Well now that explains it! (Taken with Instagram)

Trespassing Interpreted…Continued


As an original Glambert, I’m continuing to write about the songs from my favorite album A.T.M. called “Trespassing” by Adam Lambert!

The next song is called “Cuckoo”. I consider this the anthem for us Glamberts! LOL Again, remember this is MY interpretation… if you have a thought, def give me a shout!

What Adam said about this song: “Yeah that’s right I’m nuts. But damn it’s fun. You coming along for the ride?


Feels like I’m having a meltdown

Feels like I’m losing control

They tell me I’m a danger to myself

Now the crazy train is ready to roll

I know I’m crazy, but LET’S HAVE FUN!

Chorus 1

Walk that walk like you don’t give a fuck

I LOVE this line. You could really take it anywhere as your mantra. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Be FIERCE!

You got a right to turn it up and get down

Electric shock, no I can’t get enough

Cause tonight we’re taking over the town

You have a basic rite to have fun and experience different things… do what you do, be yourself, and LET’S PARTY!

Chorus 2

I wanna lose my mind like a maniac

And cross the line never looking back

We’re on the loose

Getting crazy and we’ve gone cuckoo

Gonna party till they take us away

I want to go crazy and have no regrets. We’re here to party FOREVER!


I’m swinging off of my hinges

I’m cocked and I’m ready to go

I’m psyched, I’m ready…

Go on and pack up your thingses

The crazy train is ready to roll, oh

… So are you coming along for the fun??!!!

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

Gotta get out of this straight jacket, whoa


Gotta get out of this straight jacket, whoa yeah

Throw all the rules out of the window!! LET’S GO!

Repeat Chorus 2



As an original Glambert, I think I’m going to write about each song from my favorite album A.T.M. called Trespassing by of course, Adam Lambert! Not all is one post, obvs HA!

For those who don’t know, Trespassing is divided into two parts. The first part is light, upbeat, and celebratory and the 2nd half is darker and provokes thought. The album is AMAZING and I can’t wait to see its continued success. And, of course, it debuted at #1!

Keep in mind this is MY interpretation… HOWEVER if you have a thought, feel free to comment!! :-) That’s the beauty of music. Everyone feels it differently. All interpretations are welcome!

One thing to remember is that I never interpret a song as autobiographical to the artist. Of course it can be derived from the artists’ personal experience, but the interpretation of the song as a whole should be applied as the listener hears it.

The first song is the title track “Trespassing”. What Adam said about this song: “Not following any of these lame ass rules. Look out, bitches!”

Chorus 1

Well I was walking for some time

When I came across this sign

Saying “Who are you and where are you from?”

We don’t like when visitors come

This could be where one has worked hard to get to the top of their game; doing something against the grain. Then come the critics and people already established in said game saying “No. That’s not how we do it. What the fuck are you doing here? There’s no room for new people.”

“No Trespassing” that’s what it said

At least that’s what I could read

The person is accepting that people are telling him/her “No” or to change but…

No Trespassing? Yeah, my ass!

Wait till ya get a load of me!

The person saying “Oh yeah? Fuck that! Watch me do my thing!” As you can see, this is very much a rebellious song.


One day I was trippin’ and that’s when I could see

That the ether I tapped into could be reality

Ether is defined as cosmic or heavenly. This seems to be a moment where one realizes that their big, crazy dreams are attainable.

It was great, that’s when I climbed that optimistic vine

Once I hit that mountain peak I began to lose my mind

One is doing their own thing, on their own terms, and once that person is successful, people are coming in every direction and saying “No” and “That’s not right”

Chorus 2

I don’t need no sympathy

I won’t cry and whine

Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m not regretting anything by doing this the way I want

Life’s my light and liberty

And I shine when I wanna shine

Anything goes. I do what I want!

Make their faces crack

There’s no turnin back

Let’s GO!

One is telling them self to JUST DO IT!!! Make them look like asses for telling you how to do something and then you’re successful at it. YOU GOT THIS!

Repeat Chorus 1


I ain’t got BS in my bag

That’s the one thing you can believe

Everything I do is real and from the heart. I’m not here to fuck stuff up.

My heart is gold, my body is glass

Come on baby, can’t you see?

Even though I’m different and doing this differently, I’m still a good person

I don’t need no GPS

To show me where to go

I don’t need people telling what to do or what to say.

But I can turn into the north pole

And show you what is cold

I’m a nice person and I could take a lot, but, at the end of the day, DON’T fuck with me.

Repeat Chorus 2

Repeat Chorus 1


I ain’t stayin’ at home

I got places to roll

I ain’t stayin’ at home

No no no

I can’t sit still, I got to do this whatever ANYONE says and do it MY WAY.

Repeat Chorus 2

Repeat Chorus 1

Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram

I knew there was a reason she is my fav!! LOL (Taken with Instagram)

I knew there was a reason she is my fav!! LOL (Taken with Instagram)